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Gates WP, Gardam M, Hornsey W, Gibbs D, Buckley J. 2014. A bentonite product with saline-sodic resistance.  Australian Clay Minerals Society Biennial Conference, 305 February 2014 Perth.


Gates WP, Cashion JD. 2014. Nearest neighbor distribution of site occupancies in nontronites. Australian Clay Minerals Society Biennial Conference, 305 February 2014 Perth.


Self P, Raven M, Gates WP. 2014. Determination of the CEC and carbonate content of bentonites: Methods and accuracy. Australian Clay Minerals Society Biennial Conference, 305 February 2014 Perth.


Bouazza, A, Gates WP, Scheirs, J. 2013. Geosynthetics in mining applications-Keynote Lecture- 2nd African Regional Geosynthetics Conference, Geo-Africa 2013, Ghana, November 2013.


Jones D, McWatters R, Hince G, Wilkins D, Bouazza M, Gates WP, Rowe RK, Snape I. 2013. Evaluation of geosynthetics used in barrier systems to contain hydrocarbon-contaminated soils in Antarctica.  Proceedings to GeoMontreal, October 2013.


Aldridge LP, Collins F, Gates WP, Garcez E, Islam J, Huang L, Ong M, Fernando K.  2013. Service life of concrete during chloride ingress.  Proceedings paper to Concrete 2013: Concrete Institution of Australia, Gold Coast, October 2013.


Bouazza A, Gates WP. 2013. Effect of strongly acidic leachates on hydraulic conductivity of a needle punched geosynthetic clay liner.  Heap Leach International Conf., Vancouver, Canada, September 2013



Jacobsen J, Aldridge LP, Gates WP, Bordallo HN. 2013.  Neutrons, water and pores in cements and cement blends. European Science Symposia - New Generation Green Construction Material, Stockholm Sweden, April 2013.


Gates WP, Bordallo HN, Aldridge LP, Seydel T, Marry V, Churchman GJ. 2013. Probing water dynamics in smectite.  Symposium on Water Mobility Studies in Reference and Real Clays, 15th International Clay Conference, July 2013, Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil.


Bordallo HN, Gates WP, Tspatsaris N, Seydel T, Longo M, Zamponi M. 2013. Water anisotropy in clay films.  Symposium on Water Mobility Studies in Reference and Real Clays, 15th International Clay Conference, July 2013, Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil.


Bordallo HN, Aldridge LP, Gates WP. 2013. Neutrons show why greener concretes perform better.  ESS Science Symposium on New Generation Green Construction Matetrials, April 2013, Stockholm Sweden.


Liu Y, Gates WP, Bouazza A.  2012. Effectiveness of polymers on attenuating the influence of sulfuric acid solutions on engineering properties of bentonite.  Proceedings of the Australian New Zealand conference on Geotechnical Engineering.


Aldridge LP, Gates WP, Bordallo HN, Churchman GJ. 2012. Water mobility in smectite.  22nd Biennial Conference of the ACMS, Mildura, Feb 2012.


Gates WP, Liu Y, Singh R.M, Bouazza A. 2012. Improving the swell index and fluid loss methods for compatibility testing of bentonites.  22nd Biennial Conference of the ACMS, Mildura, Feb 2012. ARC Discovery project DP1095129.


Liu Y, Gates WP, Bouazza A. 2012. Effectiveness of polymers on improving the fluid loss of bentonite used in geosynthetic clay liners.  22nd Biennial Conference of the ACMS, Mildura, Feb 2012.


Shaheen U, Kulasegaram S, Gates WP, Turney TW, Patti A, Daoud W.  2012. Modification of clay liners to improve barrier capabilities for hypersaline leachates. 22nd Biennial Conference of the ACMS, Mildura, Feb 2012.  ARC Discovery project DP1095129.


Gates WP, Hines P, Bouazza A. 2011. SEM study of mineralogical changes to GCLs following permeation by strongly alkaline leachates.  GeoAmericas, March 2011.


Liu Y, Gates WP,  Bouazza A. 2011. Polymer Modified Bentonite to Improve the Performance of Geosynthetic Clay Liners. International Conference on Advances in Geotechnical Engineering, November, 2011: 607-613


Buckley J, Gates WP, Gibbs D, Gassner F.  2010. Forensic Examination of Field GCL Performance in Landfill Capping and Mining Containment Applications. 3rd International Symposium on Geosynthetic Clay Liners, September 2010.


Bouazza A, Gates WP. 2010.  On the compatibility of GCLs to leachates of extreme chemistry. 


Bishop JL, Makarewicz HD, Gates WP, McKeown NK, Hiroi T. 2010. Beidellites: Spectral properties and importance for Mars. LPSC XLI 2010 #2080.


Cashion JD, Gates WP, Riley GM. 2009. Origin of two quadrupole doublets in NAu-1 nontronite. ICAME, July 2009.


Sattar S, Gates WP. 2009. Assessing the Compatibility of Geosynthetic Clay Liners with Soils and Leachates. Landfill 2009 – The Functional Landfill. Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa, Landfill Interest Group: Western Cape. Capetown, September 2009.


Hornsey W, Gates WP, Buckley J. 2009. Geosynthetic clay liners – Is the key component being overlooked?  GIGSA GeoAfrica 2009 Conference. Capetown, September 2009.


Bouazza A, Abuel-Naga HM, Gates WP, Laloui L.  2008.  Temperature effects on volume and hydraulic properties of geosynthetic clay liners.  Proceedings of the 1st Pan American Geosynthetics Conference and Exhibition. 2-5 March. Cuncun, Mexico.


Theng BKG, Churchman GJ, Gates WP, Yuan G.  2008.  Organically modified clays for pollutant uptake and environmental protection. Proceedings of the 4th ISMOM Conference, Huazhong Agricultural University, Hubei Province, Peoples Republic of China.  (Cited 2 times as of 1/11/10).


Gates WP. 2007. Geosynthetic clay liner technology: Understanding bentonite.  National Landfill and Transfer Station Conference, Melbourne, November 2007.  Waste Management Association of Australia.


Galbally I, Kelly K, Phillips F, Baigent R, Barker-Reid F, Gates WP, Grace P, Meyer M, Eckard R, Leuning R, Chen D, Weeks I, Bentley S, Griffith D. 2005. A Study of Environmental and Management Drivers of non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Australian Agro-Ecosystems, Proceedings of the 17th International Clean Air and Environment Conference, Hobart, Australia 3-6 May 2005, Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand.


Thompson A, Cashion JD, Gates WP. 2007.  Mossbauer analysis of iron sites in four Na- and Ca-saturated ferruginous smectites. Proceedings of the 31st A&NZ Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting, Wagga Wagga.


Gates WP. 1998. Physical properties of smectites influenced by microbial reduction of structural iron. Proceedings of the 16th World Congress of Soil Science. Montpellier, France. ISSS, Cirad.


Gates WP, Madejová J, Janek M, Komadel P. 1994. Spectroscopic study of hectorite dissolution in HCL. Proceedings of the 13th Conference on Mineralogy and Petrology, Prague, Czech Republic.  Geologica 38:183-191.