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SmecTech Services

Education / training of staff in properties of bentonites in relation to specific industrial applications:

· Physical & Chemical Properties

· Mineralogical Properties

· Industrial Specifications

Training & Education

Assistance with obtaining and evaluating R&D testing services:

· Mineralogical

· Geo-mechanical

· Physical—chemical 

· Spectroscopic / Microscopic

Product Analysis

Consulting service for product R&D specific to client needs:

· Expert Analysis and Assessment

· Confidential Reporting

· Patent Savvy

· Proactive

Product Research & Development

Working with Industry to improve standard methods for QA/QC of bentonite-based products:

· Reactions to Hyper-salinity

· Reactions to Petroleum Products

· Reactions to Industrial Liquors & Processing Wastes

Quality Assurance & Quality Control



                    Research Consulting

Invest in Knowledge                        

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